Saturday, 15 August 2009

thank you

Photo: Karin Froom
We just want to thank all our guests for making our wedding day the most perfect day we could have ever hoped or dreamed for. Your smiles and good wishes for our future really warmed our hearts, and we were both extatic at the end of the night after we left. We couldn't stop talking about how wonderful and perfect everything had been.

After 2 weeks in Scandinavia we are going back to England tomorrow, where we will live for the next couple of years.

Marianne just got accepted to Reading University and Andreas will continue as groundsmanager.

In case you want to come visit (please do!), here are some contact details:

Marianne & Andreas Lamberth
Parkham, flat 4
St Marks Road
Binfield, Bracknell
Rg42 4BA

tel: 01344 303625