Monday, 30 November 2009

Hitler's artistical frustration


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cozying up with hubby

The bread loaf turned out really nice.

We've had a real lazy Sunday, staying under the duvet because the weather outside was horrible. Talking, being on facebook, listening to music. It was great actually! Did go for a quicky over to the library to get some books for the next essay due.
Now we're watching TV. X-factor done and TopGear following. Vroom Vroom... :)

Första Advent! :)

Got some bread dough rising and Andreas is still in bed, it got quite late last night. We invited some people over after the Christmas Party. However I fell asleep on the couch, but apparently they were up until 2.30am.

They made the gym look really nice for the Christmas Party actually. It was still a bit cold but much warmer than I have ever experienced it in late November. Greek food which was a bit nontraditional for Christmas, but the tzatziki was amazing.

Before going to the Party I made "gräddkola". A traditional Swedish Christmas candy (like chocoalte toffee). It came out a bit too soft i think. I like it when it is chewy, and not rock hard, so I was afraid to let it boil for too long, but I think I will leave it on slightly longer next time.

This picture was taken right before starting cutting it up into smaller squares. Click here for the recipe (in Swedish)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Saturday afternoon

After we got home from church I made Baked Salmon, with potatoes, vegetables and hollandaise sauce. It was yummy!

When we got into the bedroom I heard a weird noise, and realised it sounded like something was dripping, and apparently the tenant above our apartment was having a shower without a shower curtain, so the water was running down to us. :( Apparently there is no rail to hang the shower curtain on, so I guess we have to contact the maintenance/carpentry and have them install it for him, because I don't want our newly painted walls to get ugly water marks.

Tonight there is the staff and student Christmas Party at Newbold. Usually students and staff have separate parties but this year they are making a big event for both of us. Apparently they've been working on decorating the gym the whole week, so I'm getting really excited. Perhaps I'll take some photos so you can see.

Friday, 27 November 2009

NHS - Join the Wall of Life

I just registered as an organ donor. I've thought about it but never actually registered, but now it is done. If I start thinking about it too much it can feel a bit strange to think about giving your eyes or heart to someone else, but then again, if I am dead I have no use for it, and it can SAVE LIFE! So it is definitely worth doing. Perhaps you haven't registered, you might not even have considered it... Give it a thought at least. It is a small thing that can change the future for someone else.

Thailand Hotel

This is the hotel we will be staying at in Thailand. It is right by the beach, and I just can't wait! 12 days left :)

Go ahead and be jealous... :)

shopping list for Thailand

I am hoping to find some really good buys when we ar ein Thailand. So far I have two things on my list that I'm really hoping to find:
1. A pair of sandals

These are from Accessorize.

2. A brown leather bag

This one is from Apriqot.

So if anyone knows where to get these things in Phuket, what stores/places to go please let me know. And also how much I should expect to pay for it.

Danke Schön!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

kitty cat

Me and Andreas have been talking about getting a kitten for almost a year now, and we decided to wait until March/April 2010 before getting one. Mostly because we want to train him/her to go outside eventually so that the we can get rid of the litter box. (Our cats always managed without, and it was so nice not to have to clean out the box all the time).

So i was looking on and found this adorable Birman kitten

And look at this Persian beauty!

I melt!

But £300 for a kitten is just a bit too much I think. So we're probably going to have to go for a "regular" which cost around £50. I think a ginger one with slightly longer hair would be perfect. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

This video is from a year ago when we almost got a kitten. It was one of Andreas' colleagues who had gotten 4 kittens. We decided to wait, because we thought it would be a good idea for me to move in before the cat. I'm almost regretting it now, look how cute he is.

Btw, it went ok at the dentist. I had a cavity as I feared, but the dentist recommended that I fixed it when we got back from Thailand, because if anything were to happen it wouldn't be nice to have a problem down there. So in January I have to go back and get it fixed... :S Not looking forward to it...

13 days left

I've started the countdown to Thailand. it's so exciting.

Today I've been to the gym and right now I'm in class. At 3pm I'm going to the dentist for the first time in probably 4 years. It will be really interesting... hehe. Everytime I go to a new dentist their always baffled. They do not understand what is going on in there, because I'm missing a lot of teeth and still have some of my baby teeth left. We'll see what they say, but I'm more worried about the hole that I know I have and that I've had for a long time. Hope it is still fixable... I hate getting anaesthesia, I always end up biting my tongue or cheek.

Well now class is over and I need ot meet with my group for the accounting project.

I'll let you know how it went...

Monday, 23 November 2009

naughty... Christmas decorating

So I've broken my own rule this year because I Christmas decorated in the middle of November, but wait, before you judge me... I had a very good reason. At least that's what I think.

Since we're going to Thailand on December 9 (marvelous excuse isn't it?) we won't be able to experience as much of the wonderful Christmas spirit this year if we don't start early. So now our home is full of cinnamon and vanilla candles, light chains, and Tomtar (Santa Claus in Swedish, it is just a better word).

We will be in Thailand over Christmas so I'm hoping that my parents will save me some Christmas food and most of all Ris a l'amande the best desert that you only get for Christmas (it is like rice pudding with almonds, whipped creme and vanilla sugar with Cherry sauce) It will be a bit weird not to have a cold Christmas, it is what you expect - part of the deal, but then Thailand...! I can't wait!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Kezia and Maarten and Raclette

Kezia and Maarten gave us the amazing raclette grill as a wedding present and today we had them over for dinner and of course we had to show them what a great present they had given us. So we had raclette and it was yummy as usual. Then we watched the Twins (Jedward) leave in the X-Factor result show. (Finally!) Joe was definitely the best this week.

We also watched the new Top Gear episode. So happy that that show is back on, love it.
So that was a nice 4 hour break with food great friends and tv-relaxing, and now I'm back into the books. I am getting a bit nervous because I haven't had time to finish the presentation yet because I'm focusing on the test. If nothing else I will have to finish it tomorrow in class... :S

tragic Sunday

We were up way too late yesterday, until 2am, and so we woke up around noon today. Too late again, since I have a test AND a presentation tomorrow. So now it's time to dive into the books while Andreas is probably going to enjoy the beautiful weather outside and do some laundry hehe... I am so grateful to have a little helper in this house. Well, actually, he does as much if not more than me when it comes to house chores so I picked a good one definitely.

Well balance sheets, income statements, ratios and so on... Here I come!

Saturday Night Fun

Just had a great evening with Jonathan and Brienna over.
I made carrot cake and Andreas made chips/crisps and dip and first we watched X-factor (Joe was by far the best tonight) and then we played Wii. A bit of Mariokart to warm up and then the new Mario Bros for Wii for about 4 hours I think. So much fun!!!

Now it's bed time because tomorrow I have to study REAL HARD for my test on Monday in accounting. A lot of exercises I need to finish to be sure that I have some form of understanding of what is going on.

Recipe for the carrot cake:
oven to 175 degrees
3 carrots
½ dl almonds
½ dl hazelnut
2 egg
1 dl sugar
1 dl brown sugar
2 teaspoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon ginger
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon cardamom
½ teaspoon bicarbonate
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 dl flour
100g butter

Grate the carrots and chop the nuts to small pieces put in a bowl. Add egg and sugar, mix well then pour in melted butter. Mix the spices and flour. Add everything together.
Pour into a baking tin, 1½ litre with removable bottom, that is greased and breaded.
Put into the lower part of the oven for 40-45 min.
Take out and let it cool off before removing the baking tin.

250g Creme cheese /Philadelphia
1 dl icing sugar
1 tablespoon lime juice

Mix together and spread over the cake.
It's nice to drizzle some white chocolate flakes or almond flakes for decoration.

Now I'm off to bed. Good night!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Back in bed

Just got back from church. Ordered Indian Take Away from the new Indian/Bangladeshi place in Binfield. Not so good for the already existing Indian place since Binfield isn't exactly a huge community. But the new place, Daruchini, makes sooo good food. We had dinner there with my whole family after graduation this summer.

We ordered two vegetarian dishes (Malai Begun and Shak Panir for my Indian readers ;) )and naan bread with cheese. I have to have naan bread when I eat Indian. It is the best part of the meal.

I was thinking of putting up some pictures of the food, but Indian food just doesn't look as good as it tastes and smells.

Now we've crawled into bed and I'm sitting with the laptop and Andreas is talking to his parents. He usually calls them at least 3-4 times a week and each conversation is at least an hour long. He is still their little boy in so many ways, it is really cute. EDIT: He's saying that I'm exaggerating and that he does NOT call his parents that often... only 1-2 times a week.
However, the last month he hasn't been able to call as much because we had so much trouble with our phone line. (We wanted them to move our line from flat 9 to flat 4 and that was apparently a very complicated procedure) But now everything is finally in place and he can call them again.

Tonight we'll have some friends over to watch Xfactor, and this afternoon my goal is to nap and to reach the next level in the new Super Mario Bros for Wii (got it Thursday, we're so excited). So many childhood memories revived from playing it yesterday. Andreas is apparently quite the expert :)

Happy Sabbath everyone!

Favourite Wedding photos

So if you haven't already had a chance to have a look at some of our wedding photos on facebook here are five of my favourite ones.
The amazing photographer was Karin Froom.

We did it! :)

He is a very good kisser!

It was so nice to have those 30 min by ourselves to just talk about what had just happened.

Of course the VERY best pictures from our wedding day are those with our friends and family, We are trying to decide which ones we want to enlarge and frame. Can't wait to get some pictures on the walls of the people we love the most. We've been blessed with so many amazing people in our lives. Seeing their faces everyday will be a great reminder of just how lucky we both are.

new start

For some reason I feel like starting writing in a blog again...
It comes to me occasioanlly, it is never very consistent, but now it is here.
So hopefully I will be making some updates here on what me and Andreas are up to.

Right now I am lying in bed listening to the first music CD I've bought in probably 5 years. The last one I bought was a Hillsong album and the one before that was Sting which was on repeat during those first months when Andreas was in Brasil. Oh, the memories.

I used to buy loads of CD's 10 years ago. That was what you spent your pocket money on when I was a kid (yes I feel old these days hehe). And I have decided that I am going to start doing that again. Now that I am no longer in a dorm room and my main music player no longer is my laptop, CD's have become relevant again.

So my first purchase was:

Michael W Smith - A New Hallelujah

I haven't yet decided whether it is as good as his Worship I and II but it is definitely a nice album. I am really happy about buying a cd. I think I need to buy some more. So what do you recommend? Favourite artist, worth buying their album, and not over played on the radio? Give me a comment :)

Monday, 16 November 2009

For the oldies

I will now start blogging here rather than at my old address:

(Click if you want to have a look at old entries)