Saturday, 28 November 2009

Saturday afternoon

After we got home from church I made Baked Salmon, with potatoes, vegetables and hollandaise sauce. It was yummy!

When we got into the bedroom I heard a weird noise, and realised it sounded like something was dripping, and apparently the tenant above our apartment was having a shower without a shower curtain, so the water was running down to us. :( Apparently there is no rail to hang the shower curtain on, so I guess we have to contact the maintenance/carpentry and have them install it for him, because I don't want our newly painted walls to get ugly water marks.

Tonight there is the staff and student Christmas Party at Newbold. Usually students and staff have separate parties but this year they are making a big event for both of us. Apparently they've been working on decorating the gym the whole week, so I'm getting really excited. Perhaps I'll take some photos so you can see.

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