Sunday, 29 November 2009

Första Advent! :)

Got some bread dough rising and Andreas is still in bed, it got quite late last night. We invited some people over after the Christmas Party. However I fell asleep on the couch, but apparently they were up until 2.30am.

They made the gym look really nice for the Christmas Party actually. It was still a bit cold but much warmer than I have ever experienced it in late November. Greek food which was a bit nontraditional for Christmas, but the tzatziki was amazing.

Before going to the Party I made "gräddkola". A traditional Swedish Christmas candy (like chocoalte toffee). It came out a bit too soft i think. I like it when it is chewy, and not rock hard, so I was afraid to let it boil for too long, but I think I will leave it on slightly longer next time.

This picture was taken right before starting cutting it up into smaller squares. Click here for the recipe (in Swedish)

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