Friday, 27 November 2009

NHS - Join the Wall of Life

I just registered as an organ donor. I've thought about it but never actually registered, but now it is done. If I start thinking about it too much it can feel a bit strange to think about giving your eyes or heart to someone else, but then again, if I am dead I have no use for it, and it can SAVE LIFE! So it is definitely worth doing. Perhaps you haven't registered, you might not even have considered it... Give it a thought at least. It is a small thing that can change the future for someone else.

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Heidi Ottesen said...

Visste ikke at det var så enkelt.. nu er jeg også registrered, tog et minut :o
Ville dog ikke at de skulle tage mine hornhinder..

Jeg troede det var noget man skulle registrere når man ligger der på sygehuset og er ved at dö..