Monday, 23 November 2009

naughty... Christmas decorating

So I've broken my own rule this year because I Christmas decorated in the middle of November, but wait, before you judge me... I had a very good reason. At least that's what I think.

Since we're going to Thailand on December 9 (marvelous excuse isn't it?) we won't be able to experience as much of the wonderful Christmas spirit this year if we don't start early. So now our home is full of cinnamon and vanilla candles, light chains, and Tomtar (Santa Claus in Swedish, it is just a better word).

We will be in Thailand over Christmas so I'm hoping that my parents will save me some Christmas food and most of all Ris a l'amande the best desert that you only get for Christmas (it is like rice pudding with almonds, whipped creme and vanilla sugar with Cherry sauce) It will be a bit weird not to have a cold Christmas, it is what you expect - part of the deal, but then Thailand...! I can't wait!


majse said...

Hvor ser der bare julehyggeligt ud hjemme hos jer nu. Carina er hjemme i WE, så vi skal forsøge at julepynte lidt imorgen, inden hun rejser tilbage til VHS.

majse said...

We will surely save som ris á l'amandes for you.

Marianne Lamberth said...

Tak mor! :) Det er bare så meget hyggeligere at komme hjem til et julepyntet hjem når det er koldt og grått udenfor. Så lytter jeg en hel masse til julemusik osse :)