Saturday, 21 November 2009

Back in bed

Just got back from church. Ordered Indian Take Away from the new Indian/Bangladeshi place in Binfield. Not so good for the already existing Indian place since Binfield isn't exactly a huge community. But the new place, Daruchini, makes sooo good food. We had dinner there with my whole family after graduation this summer.

We ordered two vegetarian dishes (Malai Begun and Shak Panir for my Indian readers ;) )and naan bread with cheese. I have to have naan bread when I eat Indian. It is the best part of the meal.

I was thinking of putting up some pictures of the food, but Indian food just doesn't look as good as it tastes and smells.

Now we've crawled into bed and I'm sitting with the laptop and Andreas is talking to his parents. He usually calls them at least 3-4 times a week and each conversation is at least an hour long. He is still their little boy in so many ways, it is really cute. EDIT: He's saying that I'm exaggerating and that he does NOT call his parents that often... only 1-2 times a week.
However, the last month he hasn't been able to call as much because we had so much trouble with our phone line. (We wanted them to move our line from flat 9 to flat 4 and that was apparently a very complicated procedure) But now everything is finally in place and he can call them again.

Tonight we'll have some friends over to watch Xfactor, and this afternoon my goal is to nap and to reach the next level in the new Super Mario Bros for Wii (got it Thursday, we're so excited). So many childhood memories revived from playing it yesterday. Andreas is apparently quite the expert :)

Happy Sabbath everyone!

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