Saturday, 21 November 2009

new start

For some reason I feel like starting writing in a blog again...
It comes to me occasioanlly, it is never very consistent, but now it is here.
So hopefully I will be making some updates here on what me and Andreas are up to.

Right now I am lying in bed listening to the first music CD I've bought in probably 5 years. The last one I bought was a Hillsong album and the one before that was Sting which was on repeat during those first months when Andreas was in Brasil. Oh, the memories.

I used to buy loads of CD's 10 years ago. That was what you spent your pocket money on when I was a kid (yes I feel old these days hehe). And I have decided that I am going to start doing that again. Now that I am no longer in a dorm room and my main music player no longer is my laptop, CD's have become relevant again.

So my first purchase was:

Michael W Smith - A New Hallelujah

I haven't yet decided whether it is as good as his Worship I and II but it is definitely a nice album. I am really happy about buying a cd. I think I need to buy some more. So what do you recommend? Favourite artist, worth buying their album, and not over played on the radio? Give me a comment :)

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