Monday, 18 January 2010

it is dead

Just got a "FINAL CHANCE FOR RENEWAL" message from GoDaddy in my mailbox. Our domain, does no longer exist. Our website is still available though on, if you want to have a look :)

It is weird to think that its been a year since I was in the middle of all the wedding planning, where the ordering of the dress was easier said than done (thank you so much Heather for helping us out), ordering ribbons from the States, and bridesmaids dresses from China. It was quite a circus but it was so much fun. I almost want to do it again... almost :)

Although it feels as if it was only yesterday it also feels like ages ago. I've graduated, I've gotten married (we've gotten married hehe), we've moved in together, we bought a new car (the precious Audi), I've started at Reading Uni, we've been to Thailand (yeah baby), and soon we're getting a little kitty...

And in a couple of months I've lived for a quarter of a century, so I guess I'm getting old as well :)

Life is still a bliss, although assignments can be a bit stressful from time to time.


anna said...

Menade på filmen när han blir masserad :) skulle vilja veta vad dom säger om honom, hehe.. Åh, ja svenskt lösgodis är ju fööör gott!

Marianne Lamberth said...

hehe får skicka ett klipp till dem :P