Friday, 8 January 2010

song for tomorrow

I am listening to this song on repeat. We are singing it tomorrow in church. The rhythm is different in every verse so we'll see if the congregation will be able to follow.

Yesterday I was unable to get home from London so I got stuck in there for one mroe day. Luckily I could stay with Jonna and her family. So today I went to the British Museum with them in the morning, an exhibition on the Aztecs, it is like the Inka people but in Mexico :) It was itneresting. I love the high ceiling in the middle in the Biritsh Museum. I like museums in general. They make me feel educated - just like sitting in a coffee shop with a scarf, reading a book makes you feel like a student...

Well at least the train left today so I managed to get back home before practice tonight.

The snow is beautiful btw... It feels like being in Sweden, and that makes me happy. I guess I miss it more than I thought.

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