Monday, 5 April 2010


Andreas has been working outside all day yesterday and today. Hopefully we'll have a good summer so that we will have a chance to taste some of these things.
We are growing: Carrots, potatoes, salad onions, yellow onions, tomatoes, cucumber, rhubarb, basil, persil, dill, cherry tomatoes, and leek. hehe We'll see how much of it actually turns out nicely but I think Andreas likes digging and sowing so if nothing else we had a good time =).

It is not exactly cheap, and it is a lot of hard work, but I'm sure they'll taste much better than the ones in the store.

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anna said...

Ja, dom körde som ganlingar! Den här gången behövde jag inte hålla fast mig lika hårt, haha.. Men det var verligen en upplevelse.. Det var så fint väder då :)

Ja, det tycker jag.. det är så vackert där uppe..