Friday, 23 July 2010

Chinese for lunch

YUM! We ordered Chinese takeaway for lunch and it was so yummy. haven't had Chinese in probably a year at least, since Andreas doesn't eat meat we often end up with either Indian, Fish and Chips, or pizza when we order food.
I had a chicken sweet and sour with plain rice.

For some reason it made me want to go travelling again soon.
So now I've listed a couple of palces we have open invitations to, that I'd love to go as soon as possible:

1. Hawaii - IDA!!! (have to!)
2. India - Prakash (food)
3. South Africa - Martin (elephants and wine)
4. Road Trip in the US - Heather, Alise, Tatiana, Danielle, Brienna...we will pester you all
5. China - Jonna (The Great Wall and chopsticks)

So much fun to do, so many great friends, so little money, so little time...

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