Wednesday, 11 August 2010

a bit lonely

It is a bit sad to come home to an (almost) empty house. (I do have Misse).
Especially when you are coming home to homework. I usually don't mind being lonely, but that is when I can spend my time on what I want to do. Now I feel almost paralysed by constant feelings of guilt; "shoulds" if I can call it that... I should write my project!

So I sit here with my laptop in my knee and try to focus, try to make a plan that sounds reasonable and doable, and I realise more and more that perhaps I have jumped into the deep end. Both in regards to my choice of topic but also in regards to my optimistic time management - or more correctly put lack of time management. I have no idea how I am supposed to finish this in 3 weeks. Especially because I'm still waiting for my subjects/survey participants to answer.

But panicking won't help, if anything I should have learnt that over these past 5 years of studying. And if everything else fails, I will still pass my Masters even with a 0% on my project. So I'll just keep going, and look forward to Andreas coming home to me.

I miss you baby.

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