Thursday, 7 October 2010

for some reason studying again

I'm studying for a little while now for my theory test which is in a couple of weeks. Tonight I'm looking at stopping distances, speed limits and warning indicator lights.

In about an hour e are off to the gym. I'm a bit proud of myself because this week I have been to the gym Fri, Sun, Tues and then tonight. I am really trying to get back into shape and I can already feel that my body is coming back to life (if I can use that expression without sounding too cheesy).

Today and yesterday I've been trying to convince Andreas why prettiness is better than practicality (haha! Women out there - can you give me any clues on how to win this discussion?) I really want to get rid of the MALM but Andreas don't seem to be able to let go of it. The only problem now is that I already put an ad up for it and we are getting offers and requests... hihi. Well, we don't have to sell it but potentially I could. Imagine that... "Surprise honey!"

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