Saturday, 2 October 2010

his green fingers

Our vegetable garden was a success I'm unsure how many kilos of potatoes, tomatoes, onions and parsley we have gotten this season. It's absolutely amazing!

I am especially fond of the small cherry tomatoes. They taste fabolous. I'm so grateful to Andreas who have been caring for them and watering them. If you have some space in your garden and haven't tried this I really recommend you do. It is such a satisfying feeling to cook food that you have grown youself from seeds.It's a bit of work in the beginning but along the way the main thing is to water.

Last Sunday I made creamy tomato soup with all ingredients from our garden (except from salt, pepper, garlic and cream) so much fun! Now I'm going to make a tomatoe and onion sallad. If you grow your own vegatbles I just want to recommend not to cut of the green stems on the onions and instead use them as an ingredient in the same way as springonions, they are yummy.

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