Monday, 25 October 2010

knitting - a new hobby?

I've just put a bid on a "learn to knit"-kit on ebay. I don't know if it is the autumn and the need to cozy up with a blanket on our couch that makes me want to elarn this. I did knit as a kid - a misformed scarf. It is meditative and relaxing to knit so I'm looking forward to getting started again.


booksaroundtheworld said...

I totally love this idea!!!! My flatmate is going to teach me how to knit as well! She is a professional cloths designer and can basically do everything!

My first goal: Knit my own scarf!!! A really long, nice and cosy one! :-)

Many greetings from London,

Marianne Lamberth said...

You should - then we can give each other tips and measure our scarves :)

How are you by the way?

Hope you are great!