Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Mr Eco Hero

I have almost forgotten to write about our little Pride of Bracknell experience. It is almost two weeks ago now that I and Andreas were invited to a three course meal at the Grange Hotel in Bracknell together with a bunch of rich and upper class Bracknell inhabitants. Andreas had been nominated for an award by Newbold College's principal and we were told that he was one of the finalists.

We had a great time there with good food, fun dining friends (who did get a bit too much wine by the end of the evening and started arguing about Tesco and Waitrose and social responsibility), and Andreas did receive an award!

I'm so proud of him!

He was so nervous that he would win because he thought he would have to have a thank you speech, but luckily for him the programme was already running long and he just had to walk up, receive the award and let them take a picture of him.

Now the award is standing above the fire place (oh how I wish we coulda ctually use the fire place) so I can mention it everytime we have visitors at the embarasement of Andreas :)

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