Friday, 3 December 2010


I got an e-mail yesterday from someone interested in my wedding dress, then today I received this:

Hello Marianne Lamberth,

Thanks for the mail with trust and honest toward this transaction, i will offer you (£450) for your ,WEDDING DRESS , the condtion terms are also okay with me.For the Shippment from your location, i have my SHIPPER that will come over for the pick up from y our location as soon as we seal this Transaction from your end.

Do e-mail me your (FULL NAME, CONTACT ADDRESS, MOBILE & LANLINE PHONE NUMBER) For the payment arrangment, i will be paying by Cheque and i will wait for the cheque to clear before the pick up from your location bcos'i still have a goods in U.K that they will ship for me.I have a CLIENT of my that is Owning me some Fund in United Kingdom that will issue you the cheque (£3,000), as soon as you receive the cheque and clear from the bank, you will deduct the cost of the ADVERT and the remaining balance of (£2,500) will be send to the Shipper through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER for the pick up from your location.

If this is okay by you, do e-mail me the following detail


for the cheque to be made out to you. Hope to read from you soonest.
Regards, NB:- I will wait for the cheque to clear before the pick up.

I will compensate you with £50 for you to remove the advert from the site.

My Regards,
Jack Fernandes.

OBVIOUSLY A SCAM! I hate you Jack Fernandes!

Posting this so that if anyone else gets something similar they will find out!
I just e-mailed him back telling him to stop stealing from people.

So annoying because I really want to sell that dress. I mean I love that dress but I will never wear it again and so what is the point of it taking up all that space in our apartment?


HeidiO said...

Hey, för du sälger kjolen. ved du om du har en stor sort knap indsyet i den?
Dig og Anita tog knappen fra en af mine tröjer :p

Marianne Lamberth said...

hmmm - de tmå ejg lige tjekke. Men det kan da godt passe at vi stjal den fra din trøje haha