Tuesday, 25 January 2011

oh no!

My throat is sore and it wasn't that long since last time I was sick. Andreas brought it with him home from Norway. I'm hoping it won't develop into something worse. So now I'm drinking bottles of water and popping Throat Lozenges. I really really don't want to be sick again.

Poor Andreas' knee is swollen to twice its size. Yesterday he was at the hospital and they don't think anything has been torn off or is broken, but he will have to go again on Friday. It is strange hwoever, that it keeps being so swollen even after all this time. It's been 4 days now. Today he is going to the physiotherapist as well. Hopefully they will be able to give him some ideas so that we can help the swelling go down. He is so worried that he won't be able to ski in two weeks when we're going to Åre. Please pray for him!

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