Tuesday, 4 January 2011

snow boots - check

I went shopping for proper winter boots when I was visiting Veronica in Stockholm this weekend. All day we were searching through every store we could find. Everything was sold out. We asked if they would be getting more, but the problem seemed to lie with the supplier. I guess this winter was colder than anyone expected. Finally I found at least a pair I liked but unfortunately they only had them in size 37 and 43 (4 and 10 UK) and they weren't getting more in stock either. But they nice lady in the store said that there might be some in a store down the road (competitor - that's true customer service when you refer your customers to competitors). When I got there there was one pair left and it was my size! While I was trying them on another person came in and asked if they fitted (otherwise she wanted them). It was crazy - everyone was trying to find winter boots and there was nothing left!

As I was paying they told me that the pair I found was a returned Christmas present that didn't fit, and it had just come in 5 min before I entered the store. LUCKY ME!
I got it in my size and I got the boots I wanted! I am so ready for our skiing holiday.

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