Monday, 2 March 2009

5 months left

Time goes extremely fast. I'm not sure if it is age or what it is, but lately I've found that time just goes faster and faster, and suddenly a day, a week, a month is gone and I've hardly noticed.

Today it is only 5 months left until the big day. So much left to do!!!
But actually today we have found a photographer for our wedding. She had a special deal avaiable for the 4 first couples who contacted her. I thought her work on her website looked really good, and we get her for appr. £110 for the day, then we get the picutres on a cd-rom and have to develop the picutres ourselves.

Secondly, we've almost decided catering. We will probably call them tomorrow and get some more details from each of the 3 left on our list; Asado, Kockduon and Delikatessbutiken. This is a point on my checklist I am really eager to cross out. As soon as this is settled, I would feel much less stressed I think, because then we have food, venue, church, pastor, and as soon as the invitations reach you we will have guests. And then that IS a wedding, the rest is details (that I have an ability to get very caught up on hehe)

On Friday we took some pictures for the wedding invitation. Dear Kaitlyn helped us out and offered her expertise :) Thank you.
Some of the shots:

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Sofie said...

iiih! jag kan fortfarande inte förstå det här! haha! det känns som igår den där nyårsaftonen när nån (vem var det egentligen? du? jonna?) som sa att ni var tillsammans. hoppas ni får världens bästa liv tillsammans!