Thursday, 3 December 2009

Happy Birthday Colin

Yesterday we went to celebrate Colin's (Andreas' colleague) birthday together with his wife and son at the Peacock Farm in Bracknell, a new Pub with really cosy interiors. I had haddock pie with fries and sallad, and for dessert chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream. (I know shame on me)

It was nice to go out and eat, but this season is horrible (with all the food) for the body, which is soon about to be exposed in Thailand. It is really hard to balance Christmas food against Bikini Body (not that I've ever had one, but as it is right now I'm not sure I even want to lie on the beach haha).

When we got back home I had a Red Bull and stayed up reading until 4.30am. Slept in today to noon so I think I got at least 7h sleep, which isn't soo bad. And now I am back to studying. But for some reason it is always hard for me to study during the day. I am always better at focusing during night time. During the day I just fiddle around constantly, and generally can't focus. A waste of time. But now it feels like I'm finally in the right direction again.

Started having a sore throat last monday, adn can still feel it, so I've been eating Esberitox, drinking lemon tea wiht honey, and stuffing my self with throat lozenges. I DO NOT WANT TO GET SICK NOW! I just cannot be sick when we're going to Thailand... Nevertheless this is the season. Last year at this time both me and Andreas we're both coughing and in bed for weeks. It was horrible. I just pray that won't happen this year.

I got an appointment with the doctor, and will be getting a vaccine against Hepatitis A and typhoid this Monday, hopefully. Unfortuantely I do not have my medical record so I do not even know what injections I've gotten so far. That's what moving 8 times to different coutnries do to your medical record. Apparently I wasn't even registered with the doctor. Which I found funny because I've been in the country now for 5 years almost and they did not even have a record of me. But I guess That's because I've been a healthy girl, so far at least :)

I hate needles. I can't stand them. I'm not sure why, because I do not mind wounds, or blood, but when the needle penetrates the skin something happens in my brain, and I almost feel like fainting each time. I actually went to give blood once, beacuse I think it's extremely important to do so since it can mean life or death to some one else if there's not enough blood, but I almost fainted in the chair, and felt dizzy the rest of the day, and haven't been able to get myself to go again since then.

Well there you go, some useless information about me to still your curiousity :)

Now back to the books...

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Heidi Ottesen said...

Haha jeg hader også at blive stukket!
Sidder altid og griner når de gör det, findes ingen måde at undgå at gräde eller andet..
Det er bare fuldständig unaturligt at lade et menneske stikke hul på dig, det går emod alle instinkter! :p
Og så når man ser hvordan blodet pumper en lang stråle ud i deres rör da begyndte jeg også at grine, fy fnask, det ser brutalt ud! :p