Saturday, 5 December 2009

Sunbites and garlic

Everytime either of us (M or A) starts feeling like a flu is coming Andreas will eat at least 1 clove of raw garlic cut into small pieces. It is supposed to kill the bacterias, but it jsut taste absolutely awful! Sometimes I even get a stomach ache.
Well since we've both been a bit drowsy lately we've jsut had our portion. He eats it on its own with a glass of water to help him swallow it down, but I need something else as well not to get a headache so I'm chewing on a bag of Sunbites (the new flavour - sweet chili) to avoid the itching on my tongue.

These are my favourite crisps because they're not made of potatoes but whoelgrain from corn, wheat and oat. Anyone who knows Andreas will know that whenever we are in Sweden he will want to have lösgodis (pick and mix candy) and chips with dip. But potatoe chips will seriosuly make you feel sick afterwards. So while Andreas eats his Cheese and Onion McCoy's I can sit and pretend to be healthy :).

I took another picture of the new haircut since yesterdays was so dark:

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