Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Holiday is over

We're back in England, which by the way is covered in snow. I like.
Thailand, Sweden and Denmark was amazing. I can't believe we've had a whole months vacation, it's been pure indulgence. I have probably gained about 3kg.

Pictures will come. I have already tried to upload some to Facebook, but it won't let me upload all of it. But I will keep trying.

We stayed at Khao Lak Sunset Resort. Khao Lak is about an hour north of Phuket city.

Part of the lovely breakfast buffet at the hotel and my choices (croissants, grapefruit, pineapple, papaya, fruitsalad with youghurt, tea, omelet)

The view while eating breakfast

The building we lived in (bottom floor room 6 from the left)

Andreas at one of the tailors.

Andreas had one suit, 7 shirts, and one coat tailor made and I had one coat made that I designed myself. I gave them a drawing and could make alterations along the way.

Andreas on "The Beach" (the movie) beach

Laura and Andreas watching the monkeys

Thailand is a place I could go back to any time any day. Absolutely gorgeous.
And you feel like kings and queens there. Next time (because we have decided that there WILL be a next time) we would like to travel around a bit more, get to some more excluded areas with less tourists, and of course I want to see Bangkok.

That's all for now. I need to get back to my books, and Andreas wanted me to go outside and take some pictures of the snow, oh and it's almost lunch, I need to start on that as well... :)

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anna said...

Åh, det ser helt underbart ut! :)
Kikade på bilderna på facebook också, jag längtar så otrolig tills vi ska åka.

Vilken faktor på solskyddsfaktorn använde ni? Är det något vi borde tänka på?

Saknar dig mary j! :(