Thursday, 28 January 2010

should, must, could, would

I need to start reading now. Have a book that is about 300 pages that I need to finish this weekend and then write a book review on. And then I need to get started on the next essay.

Got a job today though, 2 days next week only, but it could be interesting. I am apparently supposed to call people in Norway to check whether they have been satisfied with a product that's been sold to them.

Andreas is at Floorball (innebandy) but I think I'll get into bed with a cup of tea and start reading that book.

And here is just something that might make you smile:

We are hopefully going down to the "farm" behind the ice rink this weekend to see if there are any kittens on the way... Can't wait to have a little hairball running around in our apartment.

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