Wednesday, 27 January 2010

work work work...

So I am currently looking for job opportunities like a maniac. Of course a position as a Junior HR administrator would be ideal, but I am not expecting it to fall into my lap. So I've started applying for other opportunities as well just to make sure that I have a job when I am done studying, and then I will just have to continue applying while at that temporary job.

But today a lady called me at about 11am this morning. Apparently, she had found my CV on one of the many job seeking sites I've registered with and because of my "language skills" (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) she wanted me to come in for an interview tomorrow. So perhaps I will get a part-time job tomorrow, who knows. It would make Andreas happy, because money is very tight at the moment. But we have always been so blessed. Things always seem to fall into place for us. Tonight, for the first time, someone called who were interested in buying my wedding dress, and this week one of my classmates got a car so now we are commuting in together which is saving me loads of money as well. Maybe I am naive, but I've never felt afraid that we wont make it through a month, things always come together somehow.

I have set myself some goals that I want to do when I am done studying:
1. Driving License
2. Learn French
3. Start Dancing Jitterbug
4. Try Yoga or Pilates

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Anna said...

Ja det är så skönt :) och du kommer älska det! En sådan frihet.. Nu kan jag göra vad jag vill när jag vill.. Utan att tjata på Jonas, hehe..