Monday, 11 January 2010

tomorrow... school starts...

So tomorrow I have to go on my first journey this term to campus. I have a meeting with my group regarding our assignment which is due next week. I can feel how low my interest is in school matters at the moment, I have NO motivation. It is a bit scary considering I have a really intense period in front of me with many papers due. In addition to that I still haven't been able to work out what I want to write about for my project (the research essay that I am to do during summer) and I haven't figured out what I want to do for a living yet. So much studying and still no job... I think I will have to start asking friends and create some networks so that i can figure out what is out there. Maybe take an internship or two because at the moment, I feel I have little knowledge regarding what is out there...

My computer got infected by some virus this Friday, so I had to reinstall windows, but now everything is working fine again just in time for school to start.

I really want to get my driving licence! I wish I had it already. The driving theory will be the first book I pick up when my studies are done. Just ordered the Highway Code on Amazon. Can't wait! :)

Now, I'll continue on my strategic management book that I should have finished before Christmas and probably doze off with the book on my head... Andreas is already snoring.

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