Friday, 12 February 2010

exhausted but happy

This day didn't start the best possible way. I was up working all night on my essay and allowed myself to sleep from 7am+9am. Yes, that's 2 hours. I was stressing with it like crazy, I had 3500 words that needed finishing, and around noon I realised that there was no way I would be able to finish it in time I felt absolutely useless, exhausted and just stupid. Stupid because I had taken on more than I had time to do this last week. I worked full time Monday and Tuesday, went to job interviews Wednesday and Thursday and classes on top of that. Why do I never learn!

I called Taylor to ask her to do the worship leading I for some reason had agreed to be responsible for, and the sweetheart she is she told me she could do it (on such short notice I am more than grateful).

I kept working on my essay and then I got a call from my recruitment agency, he said that we should expect an answer regarding the job at Mizuno (Customer Service Representative for Denmark). After that call I realised that if he calls me back and tells me I didn't get the job I am going to have a break down. I was so tired and my head was spinning and at the same time it felt like my thoughts were standing still.

"He called back and said, I have some positive news for you..." I could feel how I started to feel warmer inside and then... "I am just joking"

Silence... And then he started laughing. And I couldn't help laughing either. I GOT THE JOB!!! (What a joker, luckily for him I have homour)

I now have a full time job about 10 min from here (Winnersh Triangle).

Click on the picture to get to the company website

I called the university to hear what their policy on late submissions were and was told that if you are late you get a 10% penalty and after 7 days you only get a pass. I asked if there was any difference if I handed it in at 4.30 or on Sunday and the answer was "Technically no". So I decided it wasn't worth it. i wouldn't be able to make an essay worth 60% in those 2 hours, but I knew that if I worked really hard on it Sunday and Monday I might be able to get it to a 75 and then get 65% after the penalty.

I am still a bit disappointed with myself for not being able to complete the essay in time. I usually always do, but suddenly everything felt much better. I now know that I have a job, no matter how great my grades turn out.

Oh and I now have work on Mondays and Tuesdays, and a voluntary position as an HR assistant so that I can add that to my CV for future references.

Now I am in bed waiting for Andreas to come home, and then I'm planning on sleeping for about 12h...

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