Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Just woke up actually and it's just past noon... Yesterday we had a bunch of people over for Wii, "chocolate"balls, Nat and Trav brought muffins, and then at 1am we started watching the Time Traveller's Wife. Such a sweet movie, a bit, sad and perhaps a bit confusing if you are really tired because it is not chronological - as you would expect with a time traveller - but it was very sweet. For some reason Eric Bana always charms me in the movies he make. His dark big brown eyes really catches me.

Tonight me and Andreas are going to the cinema to watch "Valentine's Day".

It looks a lot like Love Actually, which has become or Christmas break classic that we watch every year (as well as The Holiday) maybe this one will become our Valentine's day classic.

Now I'm going to get up, eat breakfast and get dressed, and then I have to study all afternoon.

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anna said...

Gillade ni filmen? Vi tyckte att den var helt okej :)
Åh, tack för alla råd! Ska ha med mig en keps eller så för att kunna gömma mig lite.. kan tänka mig att man blir lite mätt på solen ibland.. Tack snälla för de fina orden om min kropp, idag behövdes de, usch att det kan gå så upp och ner!

Hur går det på de nya jobben?