Wednesday, 3 February 2010

An HR job? Yes please!

Just got back from Reading, having done a bit of shopping. Bought a grey suit, a black shirt, black trench coat and some tights. I realised I don't have any "work attire" and apparently that's pretty standard in the UK compared to Scandinavia where you usually can wear what you want as long as it is clean and whole :)

A friend from school, Martin (and no he is not gay) helped me. Most of all because he was my ride home. I did tell him he could go home without me, and that I could take the bus, but he was too nice I think to let me do that.

Anyway, my first job, that starts on Monday is as a telemarketer calling in Norwegian to places in Norway I guess. I will get training on the spot, and it's only for two days, so that will be interesting. My second job is the same thing - telemarketing - but at a different place. I will work Mondays and Tuesdays there. (Quantum).

Unfortunately I still haven't gotten any jobs in HR which is what I really want to get into and will hopefully be my future career... I'll just have to keep applying for jobs.

Oh, I got the March issue of Marie Claire in the mail today, so now I have yet another temptation to steal my time away from essays. I have two essays due on Feb 12. One 1000w and one 3500w. hmmm... I need to do those sooner rather than later....

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