Thursday, 4 February 2010

what's in a name?

Go to and type in your name and see what it "means"...

Here are the results from my and Andreas' name:

Post your results in the comments below. Fun to see what the rest of you get :)


Lena said...

Haha! Jag tar de tre bästa:
1) A violent, but beautiful girl who would kiss you then cut your balls off.
Lena just castrated the that poor young man.

HA HA HA! den här stämmer in bäst!

2) Beautiful and Graceful, with a smile
Yo nigga that girl is so Lena.

3) A color full girl who is very social, and just like vodka mixes well with any thing tasteful.
Dude you have to meet this chick she is totally awesome and so lena but I think she has a boyfriend.

hahaha! skön sida!
saknar er!

Marianne Lamberth said...

Ja visst är det roligt =)
Skrattade gott åt Andreas' kommentarer i alla fall. Jag visste inte att snoppen kom med namnet :P

VODKA! haha! Så det är inte för att du är ryss alltså! :D

Saknar dig med!