Monday, 8 March 2010

because it's about time...

Right now I'm in bed with my laptop. Have been studying for a while but decided to give myself a break and watch an episode of Private Practice (the spin off of Grey's Anatomy) and eat some dark chocolate.

Today I got off work an hour earlier because I managed to get two leads and meet all the "requirements" (120 min, 80 calls). Which was really nice. Went by the tanning studio on the way home to feel some heat on my body and to prevent my skin to get all see through and grey.

This weekend Ingrid was here. She now has an apartment and a job in London (congratulations again) and it was her birthday last Thursday so we had bought her Ben&Jerry's and then we watched movies and was lazy all weekend. WONDERFUL! =)
We watched Men who Stare at Goats (all the fun stuff is in the trailer aka I don't recommend it), and Bröllopsfotografen (a Swedish movie, I would give it 2 out of 5) and then Sunday evening we watched Gamer. Gerard Butler is always nice to look at, some good thoughts a la Matrix but the emphasis was definitely on the action scenes rather than the story (I'd give it a 3.5 of 5).
So that is my reviews for you :)

I have another day at work tomorrow (up at 5.45 again) and then on Friday a presentation and an essay needs to be in. And then next week there's a test AND and assignment on Thursday, but then after that I have 3 days of HOLIDAY!!! I can't believe this spring term has passed so fast. I can't wait to get a "normal" life in September when all assignments and essays are due.

Oh and btw, Anita's team won gold this weekend at the Indoor Football tournament at Vejlefjord. WOHOO!

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