Tuesday, 9 March 2010

weird day

I am back home already. Got up and got to work but about an hour before lunch I started getting a horrible migraine. Around noon my head was pumping and my stomach was twisting and I thought I was going to die. Asked one of my co-workers for some pain killers and one guy said he had something special for migraine. I had no idea what it was he offered me but it must have been some of the heaviest pain killers I have ever tried. I fell a sleep in the bathroom they found me about 30min later and then I was sent home. I'm feeling fine as long as I am in bed, but as soon as I stand up I feel like my eyes are going to pop out and that I will faint.
HORRIBLE! and kind of embarrassing... wonder what they're thinking about me at work now since I wasn't in last Tuesday either because of the cold.

Why am I getting sick all the time lately...?

Oh well, I will try and study a bit now for my leadership paper that is due on Friday.


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