Saturday, 13 March 2010

i am alive

I got through yesterday. No sleep (literary) between Thursday and Friday. Sent in the essay around noon and had a presentation at 4pm. Or I was supposed to have a presentation at 4 but everything got delayed so I ended up presenting at about 6pm. Zzzz so hard to stay awake even for my own presentation.

But now I have slept for about 12h and I'm in bed eating breakfast and I have just started watching the show Cougar Town (I'm now on episode 2) with "Monica" we'll see if it turns out to be something I like. Have you watched it? Did you like it?

Oh and I have kind of started to dream about going to Hawaii to visit Ida and go to a wedding in September... we'll see if it's possible. Will have to wait until I've started work to find if I can get time off at that time. It would be amazing!

It would be 3 days after handing in my dissertation. Perfect timing! :)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Cougar Town! ;) Min nya favoritserie!
kram från Lena med hund(arna) :P