Friday, 12 March 2010

i miss these girls

I just handed in my Leadership essay online... thank heavens that is over. All these leadership gurus and their inability to propose arguments that can relate to reality :)
I tried to lie in bed from about 7-8 am but couldn't fall asleep so I got up and continued with they essay. And now it's finished. Can't believe that the race is almost over, that it looks like I'm making it through.

Last night in the zombie hours (that is between 1-5am in the morning when there is hardly any activity on facebook) my cute sister stayed up and talked to me on facebook. The crazy nut was folding laundry :P I guess there's something genetically wrong with us Anita.

Now I need to take a quick shower and get ready for my presentation at 3pm, and then it's weekend. The best thing in the world :) Andreas will be coming home and minute now...

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