Thursday, 11 November 2010

90's vibes

Return of the Mack a classic 90s tune. So funny to think that I was probably about 11 and thought I was super cool when I tied my college sweater over my shoulders and had my jacket "half off" my shoulder... Good times.

Oh and today I booked my first driving lesson. Next week it starts.


Tatiana said...

That's awesome! I was laughing the other day when "Riding My Pony" came on the radio and telling Erik about how I was probably 10 when it came out and I remember my brother saying "DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?!" and I was like, what, he's riding a pony? I had no idea. haha The 90's were the BEST!

Good luck on your driving lesson! I hear they make it pretty difficult to get a license in the UK...

Marianne Lamberth said...

HAHA I know! So many songs that I still knwo the words by heart for and now I'm just thinking "What?!?" when I hear them - I want candy? Yeah right haha.

Oh and I didn't get to have my driving lesson, my teacher got stuck in traffic... But this coming Thrusday it will hopefully happen. It is a bit harder here than in the US, but I've already done my theory test so I really just want to be done with it. :)

Oh and I've been looking on ebay for the 50mm 1.4. The cheapest one I found online (new) was £263 a bit hefty.