Tuesday, 16 November 2010

the English and the tea

I went to my PT session yesterday although I wasn't sure it was a good idea since the flu still ahsn't really left my body. Whilst there I felt great until the end of the session where Iw as absolutely exhausted (for reasonable reasons) but not in a sickish way. But then when I went to bed I couldn't sleep and my throat started swolling up. And today I feel really sore again... It is so annoying that this cold won't let go of me.

So now I'm sipping on Swedish tea - Morrocan Infusion by Lipton. It is a bit funny that I'm in England - the land of tea and drinking Swedish tea, but the English aren't very good yet at herbal teas, they have gotten better and I've found many more different flavours in Tesco just the past year, but I'm still not impressed. There is one thing I recommend though - Vanilla Chai from Drink me. Now that is scrumptious!

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