Sunday, 27 February 2011

back on track

GOSH! The past two weeks have been absolutely crazy for me. I have started a new job, passed my practical driving test (I NOW DRIVE ON MY OWN!), traveled to Sweden and Denmark (one day each place so I barely had time to buy Lösgodis) and Friday I got locked out of our house because I forgot my key and Andreas was at the gym... waited 1h45min... not so great because I had grocery in the car.

Anyway, tomorrow a new week starts with new opportunities. Oh, and Andreas has promised that I will get a new phone this time. First he said that if I get a distinction on my Masters I could get a new phone, then I got a distinction but no phone. Then he said that if I get the job I will get a new phone... I got the job but no new phone, and the last promise was that if I pass my test I can get a new phone... haha. I still don't have a new phone but I have my eye on me iPhone and the htc Desire. Not sure which one I will chose yet but either of them will make it much easier for me to blog on a more regular basis.

Now I'm going to dye my hair whilst watching the latest episode of Solsidan - it's our little "fix" over here in the UK :)

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